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To learn more about the blog, first, we need to dissect what is radio-controlledequipment. R/C or RC is the idea of using control signals transmitted through radio waves to control a device or equipment remotely.

The idea was introduced back in 1894 using a coherer to move a beam of light using a mirror galvanometer by artificially generating an electromagnetic wave. The history of radio-controlled equipment is mainly used for weapons and equipment for war.

As the years went by, RC became valuable to other disciplines and fields such as automotive, aeronautics, science, and as most people are familiar with, remote control toys.

Mary C. Mack

Mary Mack from North Promenade, Down Ampey in England was working as a job placement specialist back in 2013 when she fell in love with RC. During a project demonstration for one of their clients looking to hire new engineers, Mack saw the brilliance of RC equipment.

The demonstration was carried out by miniature construction trucks, backhoes, compactors, bulldozers, crawlers, and more. Everything was radio-controlled yet the display showcased a real construction site operation.

Since then, Mary wanted to learn more about the application of RC and how it can help make people’s lives a lot easier. She attended seminars and focus groups discussing the future of radio-controlled equipment.

Team Wave

Mack then decided to share all of the information about RC with other people. So, she started the Team Wave blog for her information platform. Mack would produce 3 to 6 blog posts per day discussing different topics and equipment under radio control. She even created a list of the top ten remote controlled toys for little kids.

Today, thousands of people from all over the globe have a subscription to Team Wave for its latest uploads.